How to decorate the living room

by:James Bond Furniture     2020-08-01

now building is very expensive, so most people live in the space of the sitting room is relatively not very big, but we have put in the sitting room sofa, tea table, TV ark, TV setting wall, etc. , to form a special space, we modern people like the pursuit of concise, lively, bright living room, so how to decorate a good sitting room, should how to do?

due to the furniture of the sitting room is a comprehensive space, so as far as possible from the perspective of managing space, at the same time achieve the demand of modern aesthetic.

the first, the furniture of the sitting room decorate should follow the principle of fewer but better, the size of the space and structure to be reasonable put, full consideration of the sitting room ventilation, lighting and the need of walking paths, makes every effort to have more activity space, make the space produces the aesthetic feeling of coordination with the environment.

second, living room furniture to decorate the need of each function, and coordinated with the overall layout of the sitting room, embodies the unity of practical with adornment sex.

the third, if dining-room and sitting room are linked, then consider to consider table and eat chair, bar, wine cabinet put, usually in the not far away from the kitchen table, dining chair is unfavorable and exorbitant, so as not to keep out the line of sight, the size of the table should be in harmony with the environment.

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