How to decorate sofa background wall?

by:James Bond Furniture     2020-08-27

after the purchase will decorate, external decoration after will pay attention to the details, especially of the sitting room decorate effect, important. The sitting room is to entertain the guests, if not achieve the ideal effect, so can let a person have a kind of uncomfortable feeling, how to decorate sofa setting wall, please? Europe type sofa background wall design method?

, how to decorate sofa setting wall:

1, first consider their size of sofa, at the same time according to room size, living situation, individual be fond of to use hanging type or paste directly. Usually if the distance between the sofa and TV wall is not big, can consider to adopt the method of first adornment, relief paintings hang, if they are families with young children or pets, recommended hanging, to ensure its safety.

2, sofa setting wall as part of the sitting room decorate, it must be in the color assurance with the whole space tonal and consistent. If sofa setting wall color with the sitting room is tonal, not only affect the senses, will also affect the mood. But in general, quietly elegant white, light blue, light green, bright yellow, red decorated with shallow gold are good tonal, too deep tonal easy mood letting a person dazzling, heavy emotional tension.

3, whether it's big family or small family, as long as the design is proper, can make sofa setting wall effect of the atmosphere. Please remember, sofa setting wall is also reflect the owner bearing and the specific construction form of breadth of mind. If the background wall area is larger, either horizontal or vertical, can make full use of, in order to avoid monotony, two or three kinds of different materials can be used for cutting and modelling, or three-dimensional composition reflects the administrative levels.

2, Europe type sofa background wall design methods:

1, the background wall design to understand their requirements and accept ability, including economic capacity and taste. If the grade is high, you can use the more expensive kind of material, such as stone, wood, texture paint, wallpaper, etc; First in terms of modelling is simple, if can accept, can do more decorative thread, in adornment, line effect is better.

2, Europe type sofa setting wall area is compared commonly big, can make the photo wall made photo wall will be daily if you feel bad to do, so a large mural is a very good choice. Such a large area, using the method of joining together is not easy to form ideal visual, it's test the decorator to the overall assurance with the layout.

3, sofa should be consistent with the color of tea table, TV ark, belong to the same color between color sofa and sofa setting wall, is an obvious dividing line, be clear at a glance, natural transition and not abrupt. On the whole, sofa setting wall with whole sitting room decorate very harmonious, not boring, also not boring.

through the above content, believe everybody to the problem of how to decorate sofa setting wall and what luxury classic sofa background wall design method has also had certain understanding, so that you can choose to choose more appropriate style.

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