How to deal with after flooding of the wood floor, damage the wooden floor

by:James Bond Furniture     2020-11-16

【 How to deal with the wood floor after flooding 】

water seeping into the floor, to immediately inform the floor installation, avoid by all means is removed. The following method can reduce the loss.

1, aggrandizement floor, regardless of the size of bubble water area, are not recommended for pry up to dry, so the floor will not be able to use again. The correct behaviour is to rapidly draining the floor surface water, remove the line that play a base, expansion joints, by will send out water vapor expansion joints.

2, real wood floor is small area, the water available high-power vacuum cleaner to suck out lunt, but large area of water, you have to pry up the floor all in order.

3, after bubble water picked up the floor, the floor shall be dry, the surface water in Wells glyph overlay, put on the opposite face, to prevent surface weather-shack, due to rapid drying should be placed in ventilated place order, good quality or multiplayer solid wood floor of real wood floor can be used again.

【 How to deal with the wood floor appear damage 】

the wooden floor in the home, use for a long time the paint color will dim, some places will paint peeling, and cracks may occur, what way to remedy?

if the wood floor face QiZe dim, restore luster has two ways: one is with a cup of water 1/4 cup of vinegar, dip in with soft cloth to wipe; The second is a soft cloth soaked in alcohol or toilet water, tea gently dry, wipe the floor wax again. Small paint peeling off, if the surface should be the same color in advertising paint, paint surface varnish again can remain intact.

surface cracks and holes repair method has two kinds: one is to put the old books to cut into crumbs, add right amount of alum, with clear water into a paste, embedded within the seam, dry very fast. 2 it is with her honey haired white water mixed with sawdust evenly, embedded cracks, with sand after 24 hours, simple and economic.

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