How to customize the is office furniture?

by:James Bond Furniture     2020-12-24
As people to the requirement of the beautiful sex and practicability of office furniture, office furniture industry are also continuously introduce new office furniture, but still can not meet the requirements of to all the people, so in recent years the office furniture industry rise office furniture custom services, strive for can meet to the requirement of office furniture to all consumers, because the custom office furniture in the furniture is practical, colour is tie-in, coordination has a unique charm! Small make up the main office furniture company, and today we take a look at the white clouds office furniture specific order process is how! Baiyun office furniture order process: 1, we first need to reference when I was in custom office furniture overall environment decoration pattern, our company according to the actual environment corresponding reasonable decorate, conditional case can use CAD drawing first we want to decorate pattern; 2, we want in specific integral style can let factory to arrange professional personnel visits after the measurement, then we appeal to the designers of them according to the actual proposed the corresponding solution, the design of the general staff will give you more solution for you to choose, and then choose the most satisfied a corresponding solution is ok; After 3, determine the good plan will need to know the specific custom price, if the price is moderate can start making; Customized solutions was determined 4, do we still need to control every procedure of production, for the material collocation also want to have a certain understanding, must be both environmentally friendly and durable characteristics of office equipment to create a environmentally safe office environment.
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