How to customize Europe type sofa?

by:James Bond Furniture     2020-08-27

although said on more than the sofa of a special, but, at the time of purchase we can choose to buy out their own style and design, in this case, will be narrowed down a lot, at the time of choice is not so difficult, therefore, suggest you look at the custom of Europe type sofa is introduced first, second, recommend to look at what is Europe type sofa of choose and buy skills, now let's get together to understand the relevant knowledge.

customize the introduction of Europe type sofa?

1, Europe type sofa is made of materials are very good, Europe type sofa is mainly based on quality, is famous for its shape. As a result, Europe type sofa is made with makings is very cultured. Europe type sofa is made outside the framework of all is the use of solid wood production, actually made of pine wood, rosewood, oak and other rare wood material; Europe type sofa is made of sponge is senior pass foaming sponge, the quality is good, not easy deformation, not easy rebound.

2, Europe type sofa custom-made modelling is ou shi, of course, but European style also is divided into many kinds of. Europe type style is divided into French, Italian, Spanish style, the Mediterranean style, the English style, and so on. Can see Europe type sofa custom-made modelling is very rich, but generally made luxury classic sofa looks very luxurious riches and honour, there is a kind of noble temperament.

3, European custom make the size of the sofa in general is also pay attention to a few times, a three-piece suit, also has 4 times. Europe type sofa is customized size and our general common sofa that occupy the home is not the same, Europe type sofa is made mainly in the form of single person sofa and love seat, just slightly smaller in size, so that more can be seen that the independence of the Europe type sofa is customized and luxury. Therefore, according to the Europe type sofa is made is very need to the size of your living environment is larger.

4, Europe type sofa is custom-built, manufacturer will provide customers with several kinds of classic style, respectively is 1 + 1 + 3, + 3 + 1 + 2 + 3, 1 bed three different forms, these a few for classic Europe type sofa is jacquard fabrics, made into finished products after feeling a bit similar to the rural wind, but most such style of Europe type sofa is made come out later is more suitable for the sitting room.

5, made Europe type sofa is very exquisite collocation, is not literally can be customized. Europe type sofa is custom-built tie-in skill is the Europe type sofa is custom-built pursuit is luxurious. Grand art atmosphere, its characteristic is colour is gorgeous, the line structure of sofa is fluent, clear outline. Made as a result, Europe type sofa collocation is very exquisite skills, when choosing made Europe type sofa is professional manufacturer of customized careful selection process.
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