How to clean bathroom?

by:James Bond Furniture     2020-08-02
Bathroom is the place that the hardest thing to do in the home, so it is difficult to clean up, where the shelter evil people and practices will bother each owner, to clean the area because of the many, also it is difficult to clean, today small make up to action, if you have any different points of view also can leave a message on the message board. 1, the toilet area is the place where the most difficult to clean the bathroom toilet, toilet is used long in its internal porcelain wall will have a layer of dirt, whether the squat pan, or sit-down toilets, there will be, and perspective is tricky place also can have, the general tools can't brush. Here is introduced a tip: if you have to drink at home the rest of the coke or other carbonated soft drinks, can shake, while bubbles are not disappear into the bowl or the toilet inside, can also be dropped into a few pieces of effervescent tablets, such as bubble disappear after up and down with the brush to brush again, with water again. 2, bathroom tile ceramic tile clean the bathroom also is very difficult, because in the bathroom this wet place, no timely ventilation ceramic tile is easy to mold, this time we can use the cloth and wire for scrubbing, but very difficult when they are washed. This time we introduce a tip: use a larger bottle in a 1:1 ratio of water and white vinegar, screw on the nozzle after the shake. Spray it again all the ceramic tile in the bathroom, ceramic tile after spraying dry naturally, dry, finally rinse again can remove the ceramic tile on the mould. 3, showers and faucets clean showers and faucets are out of the water, but use the congestion will happen, like showers, if the accumulation of scale, clean up very difficult, because the pore is small, then we can take a plastic bag, in a 1:1 ratio of water and white vinegar and immerse flower is aspersed remove the plastic bag, seal let stand for half an hour later, wash with hot water, you can remove the flower is aspersed in the pore scale all. And tap to use after a long time after, the surface will have dimmed, then can use shaving cream or paste on the faucet, use wet cloth to wipe, back and forth the last flush, faucet will become bright.
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