How to classify is said said solid wood furniture

by:James Bond Furniture     2020-12-25
Solid wood furniture with said first science the wooden furniture industry a standard - — 'Wood furniture general technical conditions', the standard code GB/T3324 - 2008. Its detailed rules on the terms and definitions of wood furniture, product classification, requirements, test methods, inspection rules and signs, instructions, packaging, transportation, storage, etc. Among them the main material of wood furniture according to the product composition can be divided into solid wood and man-made board and comprehensive furniture. How real wood kind of furniture classification? 1, according to the real wood material ratio and process: all solid wood furniture, solid wood furniture, and wood veneered furniture, and we often hear of pure solid wood furniture, solid wood particle board furniture, solid wood composite board furniture is non-standard name. 2, according to the properties of real wood: can the base material adopts solid wood sawn timber furniture become solid wood lumber class furniture, also known as natural solid wood furniture; Called the base material use real wood plank furniture solid wood board type furniture. Brand solid wood furniture, we mainly according to the first class according to the commonly used to distinguish between real wood material proportion and process. - - completely real wood furniture All the wooden furniture parts ( The mirror plate, except the bead) Are made of solid wood lumber or real wood plank furniture. 100% of all use not real wood furniture of completely real wood, but if that is 100% solid wood furniture, so even the mirror plate, layering should be made of solid wood materials. - Solid wood furniture - The base material of furniture made of solid wood lumber or solid board processing not covered on the surface of the furniture. What is a base material? Base material is used for the material of main components of wood for making furniture, also known as advocate material, and the main part is to point to in the furniture in the furniture up support, bearing and longitudinal separation of components. For example, a major part of the table class furniture including panel, drawer, next to the door plank, board feet, etc. ; Ark kind of furniture of the main components including panel, roof, side plate, baffle plate, plate, horse, etc. ; Wooden sofa, chair stool furniture main components including bed screen, bed, bed stand, etc. - Solid wood veneered furniture - Base material made of solid wood lumber or real wood plank and coated on the surface stick wood (or two sub-companies named seaport Wood veneer) The furniture. ( Note: the stick is wood or two sub-companies named seaport, wood veneer, not artificial leather) From the concept of solid wood furniture and solid wood veneered furniture can clearly see that the base material of two kinds of furniture is the same, are solid wood lumber or plate, and the difference is that a real wood furniture surface without surface treatment. First according to their budget and decorate a style to factors such as comprehensive consideration, furniture group to determine the types of solid wood furniture you need carefully distinguish between the type of solid wood kind of furniture. Relevant tags: brand solid wood furniture
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