How to choose to avoid the modern furniture by pit

by:James Bond Furniture     2020-07-31

as a part of people life household furniture, choosing furniture is necessary for every family, but in the face of so many furniture brands on market at present, the product quality is different, the price also is large, therefore, how to choose good quality furniture for consumers is a test, the following will introduce a few kinds of choosing furniture technique. Practical skills


test the dry humidity of wood furniture. Moisture content is more than the rated standard can easily lead to deformation of furniture so consumer is when furniture of wood of choose and buy must feel with the hand the furniture inside the bottom or has no place to paint on whether there is a moist, if any unfavorable buy.

practical skills 2:

check carefully whether the furniture materials ideal. Many businesses with conscience jerry-built projects furniture that sells to consumers, but smart consumers will mobilize various senses to separate the wheat from the chaff. Such as if there is a bug or wood off the foam problem that such a wood drying thoroughly so time is long bug will change big, quality is bad, of course, unfavorable buy. ZhiHui home decoration additionally remind you remember open cupboard door, drawer check internal material decay. Three: the practical skills

with the naked eye observation of furniture whether level off, the four corners structure is firm. Can put furniture in the flat ground never went quickly and then know the answer. Such as to check the stability of sofa can go up to do, shake and then to hear any sound, whether the activities, soft, etc.

the practical skills of four:

check whether the package edge, edge banding is sealed. If furniture sealing side is not sealed inside material must be damp, time is long will surely fall off. Consumers should pay attention to when checking observe whether sealing side is rounded corners, had better not be bought in the shape of the other. If it is to use wood edge banding feel very prone to cracking, damp and other issues; If it is use plywood and then use a nail firm, so attention should be paid to all nailhole whether level off, like a watch, the color is uniform.

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