How to choose the sofa?

by:James Bond Furniture     2020-09-01

the sofa is a common type of furniture, want to use the need to know the choice of sofa, sofa sofa need to consider what factors? Whether you need the style? What are the recommended style sofa? What are these style? Today we talk about sofa choice and style.

a, how to choose the sofa

1, the sofa feel is

when buying sofa, touch the sofa, look to whether have to stimulate the phenomenon of skin, observe whether the whole parts of sofa fabric color is even, the joint part is strong level off, the work is fine.

2, inspection of the sofa back stretch

the back stretch of sofa, in relation to the service life of sofa. At the time of purchase, can be settled, see if there is a stretch, rather than in the sofa.

3, fabrics, choose to pay attention to

choose what kind of fabric is not only good-looking also practical, sofa will surface of the ball, sponge is elastic, whether the cloth pattern stitching line, sewing stitch is uniform straight and tight is to watch carefully before the choose and buy.

suede sofa while watching is showily, but the soil absorption, it is easy to dirty, need often use twist dry wet towel to wipe, so small make up recommend, lazy late carcinoma of best friends, do not have to choose this kind of sofa.

cloth art sofa is a kind of practical, can sit down and feeling, the cloth is comfortable, will have the feeling of people, so be decisive give up oh. Also has when choosing method can quantify, generally have a zipper to open at the bottom, we can through internal padding to preliminary judgment by the quality of the sofa.

on dermal sofa from the shape or fabrics, is luxurious air, composed grave, promenading, especially capacious sitting room, put the sofa, will enhance the grade of the whole room, but the fabric color of choice is smaller than the cloth art sofa.

2, the style of sofa recommend

1, the Chinese style sofa

for men who love traditional Chinese style, whether there are several kinds of sofa style, they always is warm in winter and cool in summer is most attracted to real wood is qualitative with the Chinese style sofa is made and be become. Except for young and old, don't pick season features, in the home was put on a rare solid wood sofa, also have the function of the household to upgrade, so especially suitable for to match through soft outfit to show their good quality decoration.

2, Europe type sofa

in general, there are several female friends in asking sofa style, usually we are looking forward to your answer is recommended by the types of luxury classic sofa is elegant and romantic. Because this kind of sofa color not only walk, pure and fresh quietly elegant line, its design lines tend to be simple and clear, as shown in the figure below the rice white department, line nature of luxury classic sofa, contracted in the feeling of elegant, revealed that basically is in line with the aesthetic and women very joker a sofa type.

3, beautiful type sofa

if it is a notice to the owner of soft outfit product practical performance, no matter there are several kinds of sofa style, what they care about is usually how it close skin feeling, service life is long, how about softness and so on, and for this kind of crowd, this sofa is undoubtedly a good choice. Because most attention to this style of sofa and it's comfortable performance, and in order to make it more durable, beautiful type sofa of professional designers generally by means of combining sponge filled with spring to make sofa in brings a person perfect comfort at the same time can also be very sturdy. But this kind of sofa also has a more troubling weakness, that is covers an area of large, so if it is a small family house, before recommend the choose and buy is best indoor style and size of original accurately measure, to avoid the sofa too big to make whole household environment present a more crowded, the visual effect of depression.

visible, choose to see sofa sofa need to feel and test the back stretch, attaches great importance to the fabrics of sofa, also need to pay attention to choose style, whether it is Chinese style sofa, luxury classic sofa and sofa, the sofa of Korean American, has its characteristics, advising people to choose according to their own needs and preferences.

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