How to choose the size of Europe type sofa

by:James Bond Furniture     2020-08-23

is the protagonist of the sitting room sofa, Europe type sofa of of primitive simplicity and elegant received more and more to consumers, and one of the ten famous brands in Europe type sofa is the existence of the new rankings, is the consumer before the choose and buy a choice of direction, so believe that a lot of friends are focused on luxury classic sofa. What about the size of luxury classic sofa is how to choose, learn to learn together.

how to choose size Europe type sofa: 1, sofa because of its style and design of changeable, so it is difficult to have a certain scale of the specification, as long as some practices of general size.

, the armrest of sofa is general tall 560-2 600mm。

3, single type: length: 800 - 950 mm, the depth: 850 - 900mm。 High: 350 420mm。 Back high: 700 - 900mm。

4, two-men type: length: 1260 - 1500mm。 Depth: 800 900mm。

5, three type: length: 1750 - 1960mm。 Depth: 800 900mm。

6, four type: length: 2320 - 2520mm。 The depth of the 800 - 900mm。 How to choose not only know the size of Europe type sofa is consumers have a choice direction before Europe type sofa of choose and buy, also let the people of luxury classic sofa products markets had a rough positioning or vice versa. But general import sofa or Europe type sofa is atmosphere, classical sofa, beautiful type sofa, take up the space is larger, if put them in a small unit in the sitting room, often make the sitting room looks more narrow.

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