How to choose the sitting room furniture color

by:James Bond Furniture     2021-02-01

home interior design: how to choose the sitting room furniture color. Sitting room furniture is an important part of the sitting room. Furniture for feng shui can impact, so the color choice is briskly. Furniture of

the model of furniture to be solid, use tall back sofa and chair, because not only comfortable but also have to rely on family life. Ideally, the decoration of the sitting room furniture is best gossip, because the seat is adjacent to each other, can promote the harmony of interpersonal relationships. Create space for rest and sleep, and ShaQi do not exist. Color of

the main colour of the sitting room is not the main factors of feng shui layout. The life of the pattern and the five elements is the most important of the energy balance of the deal. But according to the sitting room is relatively whole residential location choosing the right colour, can have the effect of feng shui points. For example, if the sitting room is located in the southwest of the residence or the northeast direction, application of yellow; If located in the southeast or is the east, and the application of green; Located in the north, and application of blue; Located in the south, application red series; Located in the northwest or the west, and application of white, silver or gold. The use of sitting room color, completely different from person to person, because the be fond of of everybody is different. Of sitting room color collocation is used, in addition to must pay attention to practical and beautiful outside, should also coordinate residential, because there are pay attention to feng shui.

male curtilage ( Messuage sits northwest, gate to southeast) The sitting room must bright, introduce a lot of white series as far as possible, if such habitant more show clever and delicate; If dark tonal the in part that exceeds all sides area can make habitant addlehead, more adverse to the man.

add curtilage ( Messuage sits on the west, the east gate) The sitting room should be bright is appropriate, namely white attune cannot more than three-fourths of all sides area or three faces a large window, otherwise the family fears by women in power, and the latent crisis of beneath a husband or a man. Straightforward curtilage ( Messuage sits northeast, gate to southwest) The sitting room shoulds not be too broad, it is advisable to use white, khaki, coffee more.

from curtilage ( Messuage sits south, north gate) The sitting room is unfavorable take too much space, draw on fire and lawsuit easily otherwise.

bank curtilage ( Messuage sits north, south gate) The sitting room should be used more peace and quiet color, otherwise, adverse to the money. Female curtilage ( Messuage sits southwest, northeast gate) Sitting room appropriate equipment, furniture appropriate USES thick material, use yellow or log lubricious series more, avoid is narrow. Xun curtilage ( Messuage sits east difficult, gate northwest) The sitting room should be shallow well width, how to adopt green series, many flowers and trees adornment will be better.

in gong zhai ( Messuage sits east, west gate) The sitting room can be set freely, but must unite entire room with yellow series.

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