How to choose the right lamps?

by:James Bond Furniture     2020-08-01

lamps and lanterns is essential to life and family appliance, every family will use it when decorate, now in the market to sell tens of thousands of kinds of lamps and lanterns, so how to choose a good lamps and lanterns? This depends on where you use, now want to decorate a suite, the styles of lamps and lanterns is very important, his style influence the surrounding furniture decorate, his light is also very important, it can set off the atmosphere of an environment.

now very few families are lonely in a light bulb, even if will use energy-saving lamps on the stairs.

so how to choose appropriate oneself of lamps and lanterns?

1, safe, and that no matter where you use, the safety of the lamps and lanterns should come first, to safety will select formal manufacturers, shops to buy, will be marked with the total load of lamps and lanterns, the most important for bull droplight. 2, style, the style of each family is different, choose the lamps and lanterns of style will be different, as the modern, classical and so on. This can undertake choosing according to his be fond of. 3, brightness, a small room with super bright lights will be appropriate, but an energy-saving lamps are not suitable for the living room. This may, in accordance with the placement of lamps and lanterns lighting calculation, choose the proper place of the brightness of lamps and lanterns. 4, kitchen lamps and lanterns of appropriate USES with a cover body absorb dome light, the lamps and lanterns of toilet should be bright, shoulds not be too dark, use the bedroom shoulds not be shot down lamps and lanterns, appropriate is used as the top of the light. 5, calorific value, a lamp calorific value not too high.

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