How to choose the modern leather furniture

by:James Bond Furniture     2021-01-05

leather furniture is the mainstream of modern furniture products, and a lot of people will choose when buying furniture leather furniture, but the good and evil people mixed up in this market, dermal sofa selection has become a problem, then the modern leather furniture should be how to choose?

general component is leather sofa leather and imitation leather, we can tell from the price difference between leather and imitation leather, the performance, price difference is bigger, the dermis your a lot, so should pay attention to distinguish, when buying leather with natural leather, leather and pig skin, main is like the skin of emperor furniture USES cow leather; The imitation leather also known as artificial leather. Natural leather with regular natural pores and leather, imitation leather is not, even if have also is made of artificial, easy to distinguish. Also can distinguish from their profile, natural leather, leather fiber woven and imitation leather is not this kind of structure.

choose modern leather, leather furniture, furniture of emperor think leather when the choice depends on the work, do manual work is good leather sofas, leather face is bright and clean and tidy, feel soft, elastic, colour and lustre is uniform. Leather leather good color fastness, with wet cloth hard brush try there won't be rub off phenomenon in the surface of leather, leather sewing neat, uniform and stitch, stitch straight, sofa looks smooth and full without buckling. If it is the key to dermal sofa is choose leather, leather face to rich luster, no scarring, skin texture grain is exquisite, hold a pulled up with the tips of your fingers and pull, should feel is flexible, powerful, sit after the wrinkles by dressing can disappear or not obvious, the leather is fine leather.

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