How to choose leather sofa sitting room

by:James Bond Furniture     2020-08-01

leather sofa sitting room is the most common type of high-grade furniture, leather sofa a lot of people like the sitting room, the appearance of the attractive in addition to its upscale atmosphere, and its comfortable simple sense, wants to buy a good sitting room dermal sofa is a kind of skill, a lot of people have been fooled, today small make up is to teach people how to choose from.

the first is to know how to distinguish real leather and fake leather, and most people have been cheated here, actually to distinguish real leather and fake leather is very simple, as long as you use a finger on the leather sofa in the sitting room, if there is a fold around the pit is real leather, if only a circular pits, haven't fold is fake leather.

leather usage. The general part of the sitting room dermal sofa only with human body contact is the use of the dermis, other parts of the use of imitation leather, so we can save the production cost of dermal sofa, sitting room of the sitting room dermal sofa imitation leather part damage easily, affect the whole beautiful at the same time, also reduce the service life of the leather sofa sitting room, so it is best choice absolutely full leather leather sofa in the living room.

environmental protection certificate, the furniture of the pollution is more and more serious, now buy sitting room sofa leather should pay attention to this point, it is best to find through the ISO certification of environmental protection factory to buy.

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