How to choose lamps and lanterns according to the size of the room and height

by:James Bond Furniture     2020-08-03

modern family family size, suit to use the lamps and lanterns is different also. Here to teach you how to choose according to room size and height of lamps and lanterns.

in general, the larger the room need to lamps and lanterns. For example, about 10 ㎡ room generally choose a diameter of 200 mm dome light or single head droplight. The height to suit to absorb dome light, with shorter height is suitable for high droplight. For example, about 15 ㎡ room to dome light or with a diameter of 300 mm diameter from 400 ~ 500 mm 3 or 4 small head droplight is advisable.

when decorate owner must pay special attention to the choice of lamps and lanterns, lest destroy the space coordinate of the bedroom, give a person the feeling uncomfortable.

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