How to choose cloth art sofa?

by:James Bond Furniture     2021-01-05

cloth art sofa has abound change color and vivid pattern design, coupled with soft comfort, more and more popular, if you just moved the new home, replace the new furniture, the collocation of cloth art sofa is a good choice. Around each big furniture stores, cloth art sofa really many, perhaps because you can choose style too much, instead of the edition. Now popular here some basic essentials of cloth art sofa of choose and buy:

1, feel with the hand sofa surface, to stimulate the skin if there is a phenomenon, observe whether the whole parts of sofa fabric color is even, the joint part is strong level off, the work is fine.

2, see if sofa skeleton, this is related to the service life of sofa and quality assurance. The specific method is raised three sofa, pay attention to when 10 cm from the ground up parts, whether the other end of the leg from the ground, only from the ground, on the other side inspection is passed.

2, see the quality of the filler material of sofa. Concrete method is to use hand to press sofa armrest and back of a chair, if you can clearly feel the existence of the wooden frame, is proved that this set of sofa packing density is not high, the elastic is not good enough. Easily by the wooden sofa also can accelerate the wear of sofa cloth, reduce the service life of sofa.

3, pay attention to the detail processing sofa. Open supporting pillow zipper, observation with the hand touching the inside of the lining cloth and filler; Lift the sofa to see the bottom of the handle is meticulous, sofa leg is straight, surface treatment is smooth, if there is a mat at the bottom of the legs, and so on the details. Good quality also keep the sofa in the details.

4, check the back stretch of sofa. Concrete method is to let the body in free fall sitting on the sofa, cushion of the sofa body at least be up 2 times or more, can ensure that this set of sofa is elastic, and longer service life.

cloth art sofa is destined to be one of the most frequently used items in the home, whether reading a book, watch TV, or even enhance the feelings of tinkering, can on the sofa, long term, the sofa is not dirty. Some sofa can unpick and wash, the sofa of your home is also convenient? However, generally the more high-grade brand can unpick and wash the less, because the finest fabrics again, all can't afford to unpick and wash back and forth several times, how much do affect the smooth appearance of the original fabric, so the premium brand will remind you on a regular basis will be sent to a special sofa dry cleaning cleaning company.

for ordinary cloth art sofa, cleaning and maintenance should pay attention to the following:

first, normally available dry towel pat, vacuum at least once a week. Should be for cloth sofa regularly vacuuming, if can best weekly, the armrest of sofa, cushion is easy dirty, should be nice sofa towel on the shop or on a large towel. Sofa armrest, back of a chair and gap must also take into consideration, but when using a vacuum cleaner, do not use brush, in case of damage of textile cloth woven wire cloth and made fleeciness, more to avoid extra large suction to suck, a move that could lead to knit line was broke, may wish to consider using a small vacuum cleaner to clean. In addition, the wear-resisting than leather sofa cloth art sofa, it is best to avoid the old in the same position. If found loose thread, do not break it with the hand, used scissors to cut neatly. If removable pads, had better turn over once a week, make wear uniform distribution. Second, use cleaner clean sofa once a year, but later must put detergent wash thoroughly, infected with dirt more easily otherwise. Had better choose specialized detergents containing antifouling agent.

sheath of cloth art sofa general cleaning. The elastic sleeve might as well in the home washing machine, the larger cotton or linen jacket can get laundry services. Some should be paid attention to when ironing sheath elastic sheath is easy to dry from iron, want to consider the appearance of the fabric, even to iron and ironing sheathed inside is suitable, cotton sheath should be ironed.

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