How to choose annatto sofa

by:James Bond Furniture     2020-08-29

redwood sofa is popular with the elderly, mahogany sofas are of variable quality on market now, how should choose? Small make up take you to look at together.

1, choose according to home and put the position and size of sofa sofa size, if big sofa, sitting room will be crowded, if sofa, small is not good-looking, choose the suitable size, the beauty is generous.

2, every piece of furniture because s, producing area is different, will have a different value. When the choose and buy, should first look at its artistic style, then there is rare, should be the riches and honour not common, luxuriant and not excessive, dignified and do not stay. S is also an important indicator, s the sooner, the more valuable.

3, want to consider when buying personal capital and interest. In general, flush with cash or interested in annatto furniture is very high, can collect the qianlong period of annatto boutique, and even the whole collection; If financial general, recommend buying practicability, only a large item, such as a chair or bed.

4, judge the value of annatto furniture, also depends on its scientific value and market recognition. Of scientific value refers to the genre in the history of furniture in the furniture, furniture and furniture craft on academic value.

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