How to choose and buy the balcony furniture?

by:James Bond Furniture     2021-02-11

modern household design, there is a place we are most likely to ignore, that is the balcony. Don't dismiss the role of the balcony, it is the natural breath into indoor. Beautiful balcony can become the nods eyeball pen of household space, add a lot of fun for life, and bad balcony design can only be a waste of space, and even become only used to dry clothes. So, how to choose and buy the balcony furniture? With small make up together, take a look at the balcony furniture of choose and buy should pay attention to the following two points.

1, the balcony furniture material. Want to choose the material of resistance to the wind, sun and rain, recommend wood, it is best to teak wood oil content is higher, can prevent wood in silver big degrees because of expansion or loose and embrittlement. If you choose to bamboo rattan furniture should pay attention to maintenance, in the rain after scrubbing in time; If you choose metal, recommend to withstand and aluminum or stainless steel treated by the lacquer that bake and waterproof material.

2, use of the balcony furniture. Advised to choose a small type furniture, best can fold, use rise more flexible, to avoid congestion. General balcony can place small tables and chairs when the tea table or small table use; The balcony or roof garden can be placed with a balcony umbrella cane or plastic chairs and tables the balcony; European-style villas terrace can be placed recreational chair of Europe type amorous feelings.

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