How to choose and buy real wood furniture? What should pay attention to?

by:James Bond Furniture     2020-12-26
Solid wood office furniture market price on the high side, but has many technical advantages. First of all, the design and manufacture a kind of natural green environmental protection material, there are some chemical pollution of the environment less, more can effectively guarantee the health of users; Second, long service life, real wood furniture life can amount to 15 years, five times that of board type furniture; Third, with the natural wood grain, simple, simple sense, it is not easy to outdated, also more value. Solid wood office furniture thick atmosphere, is the modern company office good choice in the workplace. How to choose and buy real wood furniture? What should pay attention to? A: integrity of all real wood of choose and buy office furniture enterprises should not be separated from the development view of a single product, it is through a combination of complete with a combination of management system, quality of each product has its own different functions. Solid wood office furniture does not belong to the consumable, on the choice should be 'nothing more,' don't need too much furniture, as long as can meet the demand of practical technology, solid wood furniture in principle no more than 50% of our entire building indoor area. 2: spatiality of each company office space and decoration design style, enterprise culture development is different. Solid wood office furniture to choose we should combine with company for the society as a whole space technology to use, or in the style of furniture is put and prone to conflicts. Office of the overall style, style, colour should establish unified, the students can do the details. A good solid wood office furniture should continue to create a unique meaning, reasonable and effective use of office space, to maximize the benefit of the workplace, adjust measures to local conditions, completes the balance. Three: durable on the market a lot of solid wood office furniture is made of inferior man-made scrub brush paint. Employees when purchasing furniture, pay attention to the smell of the furniture, if the smell is very heavy, can make the person tears, sneezing, etc. , that furniture formaldehyde content is high, the quality problems easily. Does not need too beautiful, solid wood furniture is given priority to with simple and durable, furniture needs to be consistent, slash to the ground level off, the hardware entities. Four: leave room office is generally not too costly for decoration, solid wood office furniture put and should not be too, proper leave a space, not only convenient in and out, moving back and forth between the enterprise staff, also for later left adjustable space, to avoid the long time use of aesthetic fatigue, lack of innovation makes whole space design.
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