How to choose and buy pine furniture

by:James Bond Furniture     2020-07-31

in the previous section we talked about the advantages and disadvantages of pine furniture, understand the general situation of the pine, this article we study the pine furniture of choose and buy. Pine is a kind of solid wood furniture is known to all, although it is the cheapest solid wood furniture, but also have a copy of pine, and each pine furniture manufacturers as well as the quality of the gap, so we're going to learn how to choose and buy.

1, each furniture I suggest first smell, pine furniture is a kind of true wood, there will be light pine wood, people generally know the pine tree is easy to distinguish the smell of pine.

2, see the texture, generally the grain of real wood furniture is very clear, if the surface of the sculpture, it depends on the product surface is flat, to examine whether carving grain refinement, carving is to look at factory production process.

3, touch wood furniture surface is smooth and clean, pay attention to the position of turning, the watch factory regulation is right.

4, beating the pine, it make a sound like the coo of.

5, the last to see the overall structure of the pine furniture, like a drawer slide and positioning, the screw and the slope of the chair.

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