How to choose and buy of sofa bed?

by:James Bond Furniture     2020-07-31

the practicability of sofa bed don't need to say much, so when we buy a sofa bed in addition to pay attention to size, but also pay attention to what? The choose and buy of sofa bed are given here small make up 3 points.

1, the size of the sofa bed. Attention should be paid to the bed surface height of sofa bed, inconvenience is too high, go to bed, too low, easy to inhale dust, affect the body health and sleep quality, though, highly recommend best sofa bed at about 40 cm. Pay attention to the different size of the sofa bed is suitable for the location of the placement. For example, small size is more suitable for sofa bed in the study; Large size is more suitable for sofa bed in the sitting room with larger area, etc.

2, the material of sofa bed. Aspects should pay attention to select fabrics soft, elastic good, we can discern, feel the fabrics of cloth art sofa bed colour and lustre is gorgeous, but the thickness is not enough. Had better choose real leather sofa bed, comfortable and durable; In addition, on the structure, timberwork cannot afford frequent use, as far as possible choose steel frame structure, such as stainless steel.

3, comfort. Moderately good sofa bed is soft, elastic equilibrium, the body without the stress when lying down, no matter lie on your back or side can maintain the normal position, bone and muscle and spring without sound. Sponge because of poor density is not enough, sit down resilience is poor, there will be noise and lathe bed.

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