How to choose and buy of sofa?

by:James Bond Furniture     2020-08-24

small make up want to tell everyone about luxury classic sofa of related issues, such as the luxury classic sofa of what brand is good, why to understand the brand. Because only know after the brand, we will be able to pick more good. The sofa is how to buy. In order to ensure that we buy suitable for sofa, small make up want to say to you today about the choose and buy of sofa under skills, this is very important for the consumer.

how to choose and buy sofa?

1, sponge filler mainly refers to the sponge, sponge according to the elastic points play high, ultra soft shot 3 kinds. Shot sponge backrest and armrest, play high and high elastic super soft sponge seat section. High-grade sofa cushion over 40 kg/m3 density should be used in high elastic foam sponge, back cushion should use 25 kg/m3 density of high elastic foam sponge. To improve the sit comfort, some bubble in ensuring that the premise of lower density, not done soft handle, some vertical springs are installed in the cushion, sofa has higher capacity and anti-aging properties. Under normal circumstances, the human body after sit down sofa cushions with sag of 10 centimeters or so had better.

2, the stability of a good sofa sofa frame, must use the wood nail into frame, side with plate fixation. Could we hand carry sofa feel the weight, if it is use packaging board, plywood, nails into the sofa of light weight, solid wooden frame is more heavy; Can also be forcibly around his hands before and after the whole sofa repeatedly shake, shake, feel its strong degree.

3, see the internal structure of the fine workmanship level both leather sofa and cloth art sofa, now generally have a zipper to open at the bottom, we can uncover the bottom corner of the check, if have no of deterioration, no bug eat by moth, no scar, bright and clean without bark or wood wool hard miscellaneous wood, and with the material at the connecting is not with a nail, but with mortise or carved mouth, interlocking, reoccupy adhesive fast, there would be no problem.

how to choose and buy sofa, if everyone's heart has been understood. Small make up recommend in peacetime life, must pay more attention to. Needs when choose sofa with the demand of their choice, also do not blindly buy, this is not correct. See here, you will be able to buy a suitable for their own sofa.

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