How to choose and buy of cloth art sofa

by:James Bond Furniture     2021-02-12

a, cloth art sofa collocation knowledge

1. Colour is tie-in

if it is capacious and bright, daylighting is good stateroom, use bright color such as red, green, and grid cloth art sofa; If the sitting room metope USES color paint or wallpaper, with plain coloured fabrics of cloth art sofa can appear more elegant; Darker and striped sofa and monochrome, sofa, is the most can build a classical atmosphere.

2。 Space collocation

American and European country style of cloth art sofa often use broken flower or case grain cloth, to create a warm and natural breath; The Spanish classic style commonly used with gold brocade and satin weave cloth art sofa, more showily temperament; Italian style is concise and easy, commonly used extremely cold tone or distinct monochromatic cloth, unique personality. No matter what kind of decorate a style is in the home, you can find the suitable cloth art sofa design to match.

2, how to choose and buy of cloth art sofa

1. Size: the size of the first sofa should accord with the requirement of human body engineering, accord with human body engineering as well; Secondly want to consider the size of the space and furniture put, so as not to buy the sofa size is not appropriate.

2。 Consider the color and style of sofa: when choosing sofa must consider the overall household decorates a style, or is not harmonious.

3。 See the wood. Wood to be smooth, no bug eat by moth, rupture, erosion, etc. , and required horizontal even vertical, not circular bending.

4。 Whether cloth art sofa frame structure is strong, can use hand to push around when buying sofa, if there is a sound or feel shaking, then sofa frame structure is not strong.

5。 Whether sofa detail processing is appropriate. Such as cloth art sofa sponge is elastic, surface will on cotton ball, cloth pattern stitching line, sewing stitch is uniform closely peace straight and so on. Actually it is just these details reflect the quality management consciousness and level of sofa manufacturers, so more attention especially.

6。 Look at the sofa fabrics: should be a natural environmental protection without peculiar smell. If the sofa has a pungent odor, affirmation is to use inferior material.

7。 Choose a big brand, big brand with quality assurance and quality after-sales service. Can the door installation sofa cover.

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