How to choose and buy eat chair?

by:James Bond Furniture     2020-07-31

how to choose and buy eat chair?

1, try sitting on a chair, feel comfortable, if the arm can be natural and comfortable to put on the desk is best. Observe whether eat chair is solid, pay attention to the stitching way and timber chair, when buying to feel whether rocking in a chair, you can observe chair leg without scar section or the trace of crack repair to judgment, eat chair can't support part and chair leg section with cracks have appeared and mark the material, this will seriously affect the service life of the chair.

2, according to the restaurant area of choose and buy, according to the material of eat chair of choose and buy as far as possible avoid metal and leather texture, metal cold will reduce eat sweet atmosphere belongs to the precious material, leather meal will inevitably meet with splashes of liquid, and oil, all kinds of leather is not easy to clean. So wooden chair is a safe choice restaurant can use cloth art adornment is warm feeling. The size of the chair and the selection of design, visual restaurant area and the size and individual be fond of, if you have a wide independent restaurants, can buy a set of elegant and gorgeous large size dining chair, if the area is lesser, the choose and buy folding chairs will be more appropriate.

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