How to choose and buy deck chair

by:James Bond Furniture     2020-07-31

a, see weight: deck chair - the quality of the core is the main frame structure - - - - - - Steel pipe, steel tube, the whole framework of deck chair will be strong. So how to judge of steel tube, the most straightforward way is to see the weight. The same design is heavier, chair of steel tube material thick not cut corners.

2, material: it should be noted that some businessmen in order to make the product can reach a certain weight, will be some waste, cut the foot material or small section of the pipe into steel pipe, in order to achieve the goal of increasing the weight of deck chair. This deck chair steel framework especially easy to deformation, advertent requires more than his mind's eye.

three, see process: adopted [ Coating process] Treatment of the surface of the steel tube, hardness higher, more wear-resisting, more luster. And if it is [to adopt The lacquer that bake] Process of steel tube surface is relatively easy to produce cut cause oxidation rust.

4, see details: quality comes from details. In detail, because of the different factory equipment and technology is the gap. Mainly pay attention to two points: one is whether steel coarse burr; Second is to see whether the activities of the steel pipe joints with circular arc processing. If you ignore these details on the couch, in use process will scratch very easily by the sharp burr or sharp corners.

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