How to choose a single sofa

by:James Bond Furniture     2021-02-13
Key points of

a: comfortable degree

buy any sofa will try to sit, sit should pay attention to is soft when appropriate, be careful too soft. Too soft sofa is not necessarily the quality has a problem, but too soft fall & throughout; Especially easy to become a couch potato.

evaluating sofa the easiest way is to sit for a while more, if you just moved three times in one hour, this is a good single person sofa; Sit on a single sofa almost impossible to feel good, but you feel the powerful support; Good single person sofa bottom usually have zipper, can let you unzipped check the padding and springs; Sitting in good positions will be very comfortable on single person sofa, sit cross-legged it will get stuck here, sit it soft hard moderate.

point 2: the design feels stronger

good design also reflected in the design of the structure of sofa to see if there is special features, such as the sofa of emperor production are master design work.

point 3: pay attention to details

the details of sofa, in addition to what you see, such as whether there are defects, whether close stitches, whether and sofa whole harmony and so on. In addition, some details are relatively easy to be ignored, when buy must pay more attention to details.

sofa feet: some sofa feet is wood, some of them are metal, also some of them are pulley. Basically be to see if it is strong, if this part is not stable, will be inclined to sit on sofa, uncomfortable.

cloth art sofa sofa cover: must carefully check whether is easy to remove. Some sofa which use the high-tech, oils, no water seepage, fabrics, you must personally do experiment, that is not common throughout the &; The so-called high-tech fool.

the fillers of sofa: good single person sofa padding must be environmental protection, guide must let staff to issue the corresponding monitoring report, if none of this is going to be aware of the quality problem of the sofa.

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