How to choose a pine furniture?

by:James Bond Furniture     2020-09-01
< / P> < P> on the cultural history of furniture, pine furniture of Nordic idea, they changed decayed for magical, originally be excess resin crowded fast-growing tree become dry by high quality plate, so that the deal with the plain texture, lifelike texture, pure bright color, the household environment with simple but elegant, pure static, blend in with the natural harmony and tranquility, and pine furniture by the United Nations department of humanities as the furniture of environmental protection. Pine furniture 'color' first on the vision. Light soft pine ecru 'being difficult to chose other tree species low eyebrow bow. Without carve of pine furniture is a natural scenery, is a natural amorous feelings, fine texture, kuang fine lines, resilient thing. < P> the characteristic of pine furniture < / P> < P> 1: natural color, keep the pine natural color, texture clear and beautiful < / P> < P> 2: modelling is simple and easy, smooth line is full, all good now add texture < / P> < P> 3: practical, durable < / P> < P> 4: elasticity and permeability is strong, good thermal performance and maintenance simple < / P> < P> pine furniture material selection, design and manufacture of pine coniferous species, because of the forest coverage rate is high, all the trees without artificial pruning, basically making after processing timber, is a natural growth traces left behind by side parts. When made furniture, can fully display material more real, swing weight and natural aesthetic feeling. Pine growth cycle is long, rings, wood texture fine, flexible, low oil content of the trees, and uniform color distribution of Yin and Yang. In addition to the advantages of material itself, furniture manufacturer for material dryness control very strict, require moisture content less than 10%, before put into production, all the materials are stored in temperature and humidity in the warehouse. < / P> < P> in order to avoid the backwater condition in the manufacturing, production cycle is shorter as far as possible. Generally not more than three days, from the production to the finished product or even a day to the finished product. And in the production of every stage are strictly a dry processing, although some imported pine furniture USES is pure real wood production, but it will not crack, deformation; This is generally similar domestic production difficult to match. To reflect day however, plain pine furniture design concept, for the product surface coating shen in an inferior smooth lacquer processing or vegetable oil, wax coating two ways. This coating is to keep the grain of lumber itself clear natural, smooth lines. Clear, the nature and pure and fresh breath. Pine furniture in outstanding natural, steady, coarse ore style at the same time, and the integration of modern furniture manufacturing process. Not only sophisticated technology, from raw materials to accessories, and all the pursuit of natural taste. < / P> < P> although pine completely using solid wood furniture, but the plate disassembling design, transportation, sales, installation of furniture is very convenient. Pine furniture can be roughly divided into two categories: the traditional pine furniture, material selection and pure pine, natural highlights on the design, modelling of primitive simplicity shirakawa, line is clear, its simple subtle and precise style, do not break quaint style in the fast-paced modern age. < / P> < P> modern pine is pine and pine cloth art furniture and a variety of equipping such as metal, on the colour combination, also keep the wood instinctive quality, highlight the furniture of the modern breath. Make both aesthetic and function, practical, more can create a modern household in a relaxed and comfortable. Whether it is ripe, modern pine furniture, is the pursuit of a kind of pure, simple, concise, practical style. Make furniture itself strong, lasting and durable, and choose the pure pine furniture, modern people in modern social tensions ease, at the same time the work of separated crowded and the city life, for us to cater to the return to nature, return true my psychological tendency. < / P> < P>
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