How to choose a good table furniture

by:James Bond Furniture     2021-02-04

there are many types of table, glass fiber reinforced plastic, glass, wood, stainless steel, has a fixed, there is also a rotational, varied, let a person see all look not to come, not to mention chose, so how to grasp the method to choose? How to choose a suitable own table good? Don't worry, furniture wholesalers to teach you to choose a good table.

select table area, the first thing to consider when meal area food division area determines the size of the table, choose to calculate how much their dining space is the most widespread, prevent bought a beyond the scope of the table, so that it is unusable.

the second factor is the number of meals, if the restaurant is large, but the number is relatively less, can choose moderate table, which can reduce the distance of repast person, and to the guest's time also won't appear crowded phenomenon, if dining-room area is finite, and number of repast is not sure, you can choose collapsible table, namely save out of position when the person is little, and can when there are a lot of people have a meal together in the same table.

the third factor is the style, the style of the table to match the whole style of household, like a modern bedroom with a mahogany is different, the right of contracted with a Korean is not so good, so choose your table is to highlight the characteristics of table and otherwise affect bedroom style if bedroom style emphasizes concise, can consider to buy a glass mesa of concise and easy design.

the fourth is the shape of the table, the shape of the table to determine, shape determines the atmosphere, the atmosphere in the selection of the shape of the table will be different.

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