How to carry on the effective maintenance of solid wood office?

by:James Bond Furniture     2020-12-27
Solid wood desk in the office in the field of demand is very big, because real wood furniture is very popular, not only the appearance of atmosphere, and the style is very elegant. So good-looking but maintain solid wood furniture or needs certain maintenance, if real wood furniture is not for maintenance, it can guarantee the aesthetic feeling of solid wood office and neat. How to carry on the effective maintenance of solid wood office? A, indoor climate placed solid wood desk to pay more attention to the climate inside the book, the indoor climate can not be excessive damp or dry, because cold dry would lead to solid wood furniture and expansion, and thus reduce the service life of solid wood office furniture. Therefore, when indoor climate dry and wet there are processed in a timely manner. Second, the surface can not heap of items solid wood table surface can not put the goods of overheating, such as the cup, tea sets of such items. Moreover is sharp objects don't put it in metal materials, to prevent the error surface scratch his hand, may not be in the top with brush painting, poetry, etc. Three, mobile in the transport process, try to be careful to be careful, can not be involved or push, these actions are against of solid wood office laptop, more can't immediately with the hand on the desktop, should be from below table Angle together. Only move carefully, solid wood office does not have danger. Four, clean up the dust on the surface can use duster sweep, dirt does use dry soft cotton towel to scrub, can be applied not smooth or wet towel to scrub. Five, don't can prevent eye light solid wood desk on the sun, because exposure can cause real wood office opened.
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