How to buy the right eat desk and chair?

by:James Bond Furniture     2020-07-27

eat desk and chair nature is the leading role of the restaurant, now on the market the eat desk and chair style, style diversity, can let a person too many things to see, dazzling. A good eat desk and chair to let a person feel very comfortable to sit on, eating the body and mind will be fully relaxed. So how to choose appropriate eat desk and chair? You may ignore these two points, below small make up the key to choose eat desk and chair for everyone to share.

1, pay attention to eat desk and chair seat material.

we suggest sit face material is qualitative soft chair, such as high density sponge cushion chair, not soft not hard, the more moderate. Avoid direct made of hard materials such as wood cushion, so as to avoid eating when the spine and pelvis can't get a good buffer to rest, time is long also affects human health.

2, pay attention to the back slope of the eat desk and chair.

the back slope of the eat desk and chair affect the comfort of a meal. Usually when repast is sitting close to 90 & deg; Will be more conducive to swallow and digest, so back design generally should lean back 5 & deg; ~10° Though, don't choose back shape strange, not on the back of a chair, the back of a chair is too lean back or modelling complex curve of eat chair.

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