How to buy healthy environmental protection furniture

by:James Bond Furniture     2020-07-02

health is the source of revolution, health is the eternal topic. Furniture is the household articles for use as our contact every day, of course also must be healthy environmental protection. So, how to judge whether to buy furniture healthy environmental protection? Attention on healthy environmental protection furniture of choose and buy has the following:

1, the furniture of large excitant odour is not to buy. Some furniture such as cabinet, drawer is pulled open when buy or opened the cupboard door inside the smell of the stimulus to let a person tears, and the situation that the furniture formaldehyde content exceeds bid badly. This kind of furniture to the harm of the body, absolutely do not recommend to buy. If because the conditions to buy this kind of furniture, best air buy reoccupy of a period of time.

2, similar to the quality, the price is differ with peers do not buy too much. A penny a points goods, the price of some furniture special cheap, actually such furniture is to use a large number of mostly qualitative material price is low, often be treasures outside its, defeat garrulous among them, consumers in such seemingly cheap must be careful. Also should pay attention to whether prices artificially high, some merchants marked the high price but can you cruel bargain but cheap a thousands of yuan, we should grow dim sum, the furniture of this kind of real things, which easy to bargain, there must be some issue.

3, to do all the edge processing of man-made board furniture not to buy it. Who use man-made board furniture parts made of restrictions on edge processing is very strict, especially furniture made of particle board furniture should require all sealing side, so that the harmful material in can restrict the man-made board releases, but now many of the manufacturers in order to save material, all local sealing side only, such furniture had better not be bought.

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