How to buy furniture to distinguish the pros and cons of furniture

by:James Bond Furniture     2020-07-07

often have confused when consumer is buying furniture, what kind of furniture can be rest assured to buy, some have even bought home still heart whisper is really high quality safety of furniture, discern here let's learn some furniture advantages and disadvantages of common sense, hope to help everyone when furniture of choose and buy. 1, the detection of wood dry humidity: the high moisture content, wood is easy to warp, deformation, under normal circumstances, the moisture content of furniture should not exceed 12%. When consumer is buying furniture, generally do not bring their own testing instruments, thus can adopt method of touch, feel with the hand furniture underside or has no place to paint on the inside, if feel feel damp, so the moisture content of lumber in more than 50% at least, not to buy. 2, inspects furniture material: the surface of the furniture materials generally require the use of hard miscellaneous wood materials, such as the northeast China ash, oak wood, the wood is solid, bearing, and the internal materials with other material should be considered. If found bug, wood foam phenomenon, elucidation of wood drying is not complete, cannot buy such furniture, because the bug will be more and more big. After checking the surface, but should also open the cupboard door and drawer door household, see the inside materials have decayed. 3, firm structure, for the furniture such as desk, table can shook with the hand, take a look at stable instability. For sofa, sit, left and right sides shakes, not activities, not soft, no sound, mortise structure is firm. 4, folding, sealing side whether level off, sealed, sealing side, shows that the material moisture, with long time sealing side will drop. Sealing side had better be rounded, not straight edge right angles. Sticks sealing side feel easy to damp or split; Article use plywood bag set of furniture, bag is with a nail, attention should be paid to nailhole whether level off, the color of nailhole place rather than elsewhere. Often nailhole is sealed with putty, attention should be paid to whether putty drum up, if the bulging, time grew to be bored with child will come out from the inside. Shenzhen emperor furniture for more than a decade, focusing on the dining room furniture, hotel furniture, villa furniture wholesale high-grade furniture production, and provide high quality soft outfit design, overall service, let your bedroom, commercial space taken on a new look.

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