How to buy furniture are not pit?

by:James Bond Furniture     2020-08-06

3。 15 consumer rights day fast to it. What are the rules now of the furniture industry? As a consumer how we won't be pit? Today, small make up take let's take a look at, how to buy furniture, not be pit. Have often been pit buyers, quick and see it.

a, choose brand

brand selection, consumers to the length of time from the manufacturer to establish, authoritative attestation of honor, Such as ten ring certification, famous brand and famous brand, etc. ) To distinguish. Data statistics, the well-known brand complaint case is not high, only 0. About 8%, and brands more attention to quality, higher credibility, because in the event of quality problems, to the brand influence. Choose relatively well-known furniture brands, by the use of environmental protection of plate, solid technology, professional design, thoughtful after-sales service, etc. , is a powerful guarantee for the quality.

2, smell

now selling wooden furniture on the market, besides furniture of completely real wood, most are man-made board components, maybe formaldehyde are inevitable to the smell of paint. So when the choose and buy special to smell the smell, are generally a bit peculiar smell, but if strong make tear of stream of people, sneeze, the formaldehyde that shows furniture releases a quantity is higher, is can't buy furniture, even if how attractive style, how the preferential price, can't buy.

3, see

when buying furniture, be sure to look at the amount of yield and quality inspection certificate. In national standard rules, wooden furniture formaldehyde release a quantity per litre shall not be greater than 1. 5 mg. Buy reach E1 standard plate manufacture of furniture. In the process of purchase in addition to refer to the test state, more important is to refer to the certification of enterprise, especially from the world-renowned certification certificate of the organization.

4, more than three

as the saying goes: shopping around is not deceived. In furniture of choose and buy, to see several more ask bibi as much as possible. As for the price of the product is different, is less a few decades, many hundreds of thousands, not I don't know, a than a fright. It would be good to see several, and find a few more. Furniture style optional right, if the same kind of different style furniture shops prices vary considerably, need know information, if there is a very different scales. Also, many less than the main price also don't choose the best furniture, a penny a points goods, low prices are generally made of very time data and paint, such furniture is a not two without using environmental protection. Multidirectional sellers consulting, ask the manufacturer, if the sellers are not understanding about manufacturer, it is definitely a problem.

5, sign a contract

in buying time stay a mind's eye, specific consulting clear furniture raw materials, cortex and the origin of a product, and on the purchase contract requires businesses to make clear to clarify, in the province of undesirable businessman substitute stealthily, shoddy. Sign the contract time to pay attention to the room figure with marked with scales, and the size of the gate, stair general conditions all merchants, to see if you buy furniture can smoothly. In addition, in the contract clearly the delivery time, payment methods, so as to avoid unnecessary glue Gregory. If you can, best to pay the balance payment after the inspection.

the above is the matters should pay attention to when buying furniture, we hope you won't be pit when furniture of choose and buy.

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