How to build the Nordic style suite

by:James Bond Furniture     2020-08-01
Recently became popular domestic boreal Europe style of decoration, because the Nordic style is contracted, fashionable and modern, if you live in such a suite in a day just like a movie, feel very pretend bility. So how to make the Nordic style suite? First, boreal Europe style is tonal choice: black and white ash + log lubricious this tonal basic 95% of boreal Europe style will be used, because this color can let a space appear more capacious, if the light through the large Windows lit up the whole house, large white give the room more bright and clean, want to pretend to northern wind, requires a large amount of white space, seize the big relationship between black and white ash, deserve to go up again a few furniture of log color, or the floor, so that the Nordic the basic color came out of the wind, log color is boreal Europe style decoration of the more important element. Second, space design is concise and modern space design must be concise, modern, boreal Europe style in dealing with space inside and outside aspects generally emphasize interior space is capacious, fully, introduce natural light to the maximum extent. By using modern furniture, modern materials and other products to decorate the space, let a space full of contemporary feeling. Third, essential to the green plants northern wind forever without the ornament of greenery, environmentally friendly and nice, the ornamental clock, everyone can choose their favorite plants to decorate the space of his own house.
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