How the small family has large space?

by:James Bond Furniture     2020-07-28
Small family model in land-scarce city become more and more popular. Sparrow may be small but complete five zang-organs, want to let the small family household practical beautiful, and have a big House, emotional appeal, this will not be too difficult, as long as a little the space reasonable decorate, use practical functions and features of furniture, small family household can have large space feeling, together to watch how small family to live in a magnificent counter attack into a large space!

small family bigger space of simple techniques:

1. Use bright color

people know to decorate the indoor environment of color is uniform, mostly in soft outfit if add some more bright color, can give a person make some strong visual result, even the small family can bring large space illusion.

2。 Multi-function folding furniture

now surprisingly creative furniture design is really now, some original good domestic furniture, most creative in its aesthetic and practical, such as metope folding bed: stand is bookcase, down is a comfortable bed.

3。 Coincidence with the mirror panoramic vision

a big mirror really can enlarge a space, through the mirror to see interior space, just like one more space, also is to use people's illusion.

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