How simple shoe rack assembly?

by:James Bond Furniture     2020-09-06
< / P> < P> shoe rack is compared commonly simple, not only is looking at is simple, assemble it is relatively simple, so generally speaking how simple shoe rack assembly, simple style shoe rack which is better and how simple shoe rack homemade, let's come together to learn about simple shoe rack assembly and so on.

how simple shoe rack assembly

1. First of all, the shoe rack parts in order;

2。 Separate rod according to the different thickness, put away;

3。 The shoe rack mount, shoe rack has a few holes, find two rows of coarse first hole;

4。 Insert thick stick into the hole, insert thin stick into the hole.

5。 The other side of the bracket is installed;

6。 Finally, with the hand pressure, pressure (the best hands Small xiang because taking pictures, so it with one hand) And prevent the uneven pressed shoe rack.

note: be sure to separate the thickness at the beginning, to prevent wrong through a hole in the shoe rack.

simple homemade shoe rack is

homemade improvised shoe rack need to prepare the raw material is wood, metal connecting fittings, bolts, paint, brushes and protection products, these can be purchased at a hardware store, pay attention to when choosing to purchase environmentally friendly material, not to buy the bad products, will be conducive to health.

homemade improvised after material bought shoe rack, first cut the plank into 10 cm to 20 cm wide two wood planks, thickness in two centimeters, length according to actual situation, and cooperate with the whole room is tonal, will paint the board, with straight long metal connecting fittings fixed on wall, the back board is fixed with l-shaped connecting parts.

the last boards will again on the above, the space between the board about between 5 cm to 10 cm, suggest don't get too much layer, two layer, a homemade improvised shoe rack is ready, isn't it simple? To give it a try.

simple shoe rack style recommend

plate shoe rack

it is what we now USES more of a kind of structure style, in the shoe rack drawer cabinet put oneself in another's form, so it is much more powerful to receive a function, not only beautiful, novel appearance, but also convenient and practical, is our daily life good helper that occupy the home, if you like you can refer to oh!

skip shoe rack

want more save a space, the small size of shoe rack is more appropriate, at the same time as the appearance of the simple shoe rack assembly in the figure above shows, this kind of shoe rack is flip structure form, it is compared with the traditional form of shoe rack is more save a space, and creative, so the modern style of delicate and elegant fashion shoe rack is the style you like? Like to refer to such similar to buy shoe rack products! Traditional shoe rack

it is completely real wood material, on the design of the product may not be so novel and chic, but it is the advantages of good quality, structure, sturdiness and affordable price, in some more nostalgic middle-aged people, such a simple product is very the attention of shoe rack.

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