How should decorate the old house?

by:James Bond Furniture     2020-07-10
Now a lot of house began to grow old, grow old, the problem this time, if you want to decorate, how to decorate your house, how can I avoid mistakes to decorate the room that oneself like, for now the old houses should be how to decorate it. 1, the old house is decorated is the most complex hydropower decoration, water and electricity transformation which is the most important one annulus, pipes or wires should prevent leakage in the arrangement of the time, and must decorate must be convenient, because change is not convenient, after to do line is reasonable, compact connection, without PaoMaoDiLou or illegally removed. Transformation aspects of the circuit is more important, if the old house use aluminum wire, must be removed, many modern household appliances, according to the national standard, 2 must be used in decorating. 5 mm copper wire, for the installation of air-conditioning and other high-power electric circuit should go all the way alone 4 square millimeter of lines. In the wall must be used in embedded wire PVC insulation tube. Water also had better not use easy rusty iron pipe. 2, do close water test for the bathroom, close water test is not only the old house, new house also had better to do close water test, because the leakage is very troublesome, closed water test can let decorate master for testing. Owner of test method is: block floor drain, 5 cm of water is put in the bathroom, observing 24 hours, and then downstairs neighbor's check, if there is no slack phenomenon, closed water test is done on the ground to be completely dry, then post ceramic tile, or ground will crack. 3, the layout of switch and socket, this can according to master habits and room decorate to set, this is also an important part of. 4, selection of style, this is the soft outfit the, what kind of color such as walls, decorate what kind of furniture, lamps and lanterns with cabinet put. Style must be unified, such as modern style to acquire modern furniture, classical decoration to add classical or solid wood furniture and so on. Old house decorate good ventilation, ventilation 1 - 3 months, 3 months is preferred.
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