How should build a five-star hotel furniture material selection

by:James Bond Furniture     2020-10-30

there is a growing market the five-star hotel furniture of different style, in order to attract customers to meet the personalized needs of guests, hotel furniture customization became the choice of many hotels. Small make up today choose several different five-star hotel furniture order of used materials, and everyone together to share when build a five-star hotel furniture, should how to select material?

what different materials have different advantages and disadvantages?

melamine plate

full name is the melamine melamine-impregnated paper veneer man-made board. It is with different color or texture of paper and put it in the melamine resin adhesive glue soaking, to a certain degree of curing and dry, the shop outfit is in particieboard, medium density beaverboard or hardboard surface, into a thin veneer of by hot pressing. At present, the base material of the plate used in hotel furniture customization on the market are this kind of plate, the base is divided into three gather hydrogen ammonia particieboard and gather hydrogen ammonia density board. Melamine plate appearance design change more, more characteristic, is the hotel furniture customization can choose] Material, but for environmental requirements of the plate is very strict, must achieve the European E1 standard.

wood particleboard

particieboard is also called the particle board, is to use middle mass on both sides of the wood fiber and wood fiber, fine, after high temperature and high pressure compressed into boards, its base material is take the plantation and natural forest tree trunk, branches shavings or shaving processing. Particieboard common 18 mm, 25 mm. Its advantage is that the inflation rate is small, strong stability. Hotel furniture customization options of this kind of material defect is due to manufacturing method is easy, the quality difference is big, not easy to distinguish, particle board edge is rough, easy to moisture absorption, density loose loose easily, holding nail force low vision short-tempered, large amount of glue, only high quality imported particieboard conforms to high standards of European E1 class, formaldehyde content is lower than 0. 9mg/100m。


fiber board, also known as density board, is made by powdered wood fiber after high temperature pressing forming, good surface smoothness, good stability, high bearing capacity, hotel furniture customization to choose this kind of material on the strength and hardness than particle board. Uniform the internal structure of fiber board, medium density, good dimensional stability, deformation is small, so the holding nail force strong, can tear open outfit for many times, convenient transportation. And after melamine decorative surface fiber board has a moisture-proof, anti-corrosion, wear-resistant, high temperature resistant, etc, do not need to carries on the post-processing, formaldehyde content is low. Is the right material of hotel furniture customization, but the machining accuracy and process the demand is higher, the high cost.


also calls the plywood, inline commonly known as fine core board. Rotary cut by single board or wood square plane into two sub-companies named seaport, reoccupy adhesive agglutination of three layer or three layer above the thin plate. Usually with an odd number of veneer, and make the fiber direction of adjacent veneer vertically agglutination and into each other. A thickness of 6 kinds of different specifications.

joinery board

the joiner board, the decorated core board, is the use of natural rotary cut veneer and solid wood puzzle glue, hot pressing plate. Joinery board processing technology extension spell and hand spell two, manual makings is using artificial wood inlay plywood, wood of extrusion is poor, cannot according to cutting machining, only suitable for part of the subprojects that decorate, if do the bedding of real wood floor board, etc. And machine of sheet extrusion pressure is bigger, aperture small, splicing level off, the bearing force uniform, long-term use is not easy to deformation. It is the main purpose of furniture, doors and Windows and cover, partition, false wall, central heating, curtain box of window, etc. , is a good choice for the hotel furniture customization.

although material is flexible, but not easy, should choose the material, furniture materials must be considerable amount of knowledge, can choose the material, not only in being obtained, only can use for a long time, more it is worth noting that can use the money is reasonable, the province, can put the effect on the maximum. Watching this five kinds of plank, for is the order of five-star hotel furniture has a more profound understanding of the?

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