How home restaurant furniture layout is reasonable

by:James Bond Furniture     2020-07-28

we all know that the restaurant furniture basically is mensal chair, but how to layout can have a good effect. This is a lot of people need to think about when I was in restaurant design, actually can choose custom dining room furniture, home for you to create a restaurant with reasonable structure.

restaurant is decorated with the chair to be coordinated with the integral style of the restaurant, general requirements chair and nimble, easy to carry. Dining room furniture is the most important is the problem size, because if the high table and eat chair is too short, don't match, can affect repast sit uncomfortable, the mood. Whether home restaurant or outside restaurants are in accordance with restaurant space size to determine the eat desk and chair.

1, the standard height of the table should be 720 mm, which belongs to medium height in the table, and eat chair are usually the height of 450 mm.

2, chandeliers, and the most appropriate distance between the desktop should be 700 mm, this is can get uniform irradiation of desktop, complete the ideal distance.

3, a table for six people set up to 3000 * 3000 mm in the bedroom, the area of the need to put aside the table space, but also for people around the dining table set aside part of activity space.

4, a diagonal line to a square table of the area of the wall should be 180 * 180 cm square, this is a side length 90 cm, table Angle metope closest distance of 40 cm square minimum area of the table.

5, usually for the size of the six people eat desk and chair is 1200 mm, this is a requirement for the diameter of the round table. 1400 * 700 mm is for the dimensions of the rectangle and oval catch system requirements.

so everyone in the choice of dining room furniture, can according to the specific requirements to decide, of course, can be customized with the emperor furniture, so better undertake collocation in conformity with the whole decorates a style, it looks more reasonable.

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