How high hallway closet should do?

by:James Bond Furniture     2020-08-28
< P> a is to look at the shoe ark height the overall modelling, decoration effect, 2 it is to see put shoes, in the form of three is according to the size of the shoes. Concrete said: < / P> < P> < / P> < P> 1, shoes for the flap gate shaft plug, the advice of the three layers of door leaf high around 1200. Size: about 350 x3 layer, highly + + kick on convergent thickness. < / P> < P> this type is not suitable for 4 layer, because from the upper of shoes too much inconvenience. Have a dedicated hardware accessories (flap market Divided into two layers or three layers, also have plastic) 。 Advantage is saving space, suitable for a large number of shoes, without being limited by the width and thickness can be the thinnest ( Two layers of plug) 。 Defect is not suitable for tall waist shoes and high heels and platform shoes ( Hiking boots, sneakers, etc. ) Easy to squeeze the instep, and shoes. Ordinary leather shoes, slippers, the most suitable. Is a typical change shoe shoe shoe ark, not storage. < / P> < P> 2, flat open shoe ark, height is not limited. The expert is convenient enough shall prevail. Require large thickness, generally the largest shoes shall prevail, usually thickness of up to 350 ~ 400. Advantage is flat shoes, no internal partition can do work plate, convenient store high boots, and suitable for shoe store change garments according to the shoes. Defect is to open the door to take up space, if there are 1000 wide aisles, 1000 wide shoe ark opened the door and there were only 500; Less deposit shoes; The bottom put inconvenient. < / P> < P> suggest such shoe bottom does not fall to the ground, the lower is impending, combined with the anchor lighting the hall is very effect. Upper level according to the need and effect, generally no more than from the ground 1200 or so more comfortable, and combining with the vestibular function, make temporary put mesa or put mesa decoration items. < / P> < P> if the space is limited, so the cabinet also do very thin, shoes - askew - - Like the metope of store display shoes. After the completion of the thickness of the can to 130 ~ 140. Of course that won't put a few pairs of shoes. Also there is no limit to the height of the shoe ark to whiz convenient enough, the overall decoration effect shall prevail. < / P> < P> in addition, seen a lot of vestibular, shoe ark design, but there is rarely seen design to sitting to change the location of the shoe. Some shoes style to many buttons, is generally high boots, also is not easy to put on, not squatted on the ground no foot pain, is a walking the wall wearing shoes. Why not consider for the ladies, get a comfortable seat in shoes? Ordinary domestic outfit can't just beautiful, should from the actual needs, starting from the function, people-oriented, make oneself to like, comfortable, distinctive decoration effect. < / P> < P>
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