How do we determine whether screen desk?

by:James Bond Furniture     2020-12-24
Could in the procurement of office furniture is difficult for us to consider very comprehensive, so always in the purchase after it then turns out that the configuration of our home office have all sorts of problems, sometimes purchase back after we are some problems need to see the presence or absence of office furniture, furniture company small make up today, and everyone together to analyze how we judge screen under the table is good! How to judge whether screen table good: 1, the whole is stable, it is necessary to know most table screen together, it is different from ordinary table, some of them are with desktop steel frame, some of them are console screen. Plus various combinations, panels, hinge, glass, etc. In addition, each position are connected together. If there is not stability, will affect the whole, so the stability of the whole structure difference is very big. 2, after the connection is closely: screen desk take into account that the tightness, availability and security. To ensure that the joint fit closely, there should be no gap, corner should be properly handled. There should be no outstanding Angle to avoid the scratch and scratch. 3, whether to have the some auxiliary functions: screen work position to not only clean, but also inside. You must know the computer must be equipped with a computer, telephone, printer, etc. , and all need power socket. Must use the cable function to carry on the design. Complex line won't mess up. Sometimes, if a manufacturer can directly with these small accessories, such as pen rack, kit folder, so much the better.
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