How custom wardrobe insect-resistant eat by moth

by:James Bond Furniture     2021-01-02
The chest of a lot of time for a long time after, can appear the phenomenon of worm, generally are wooden chest, is not easy to ventilated breathe freely, so that it is easy to produce bug eat by moth, especially in the wet weather, so to prevent the wardrobe insect is very necessary. How to do can insect-resistant eat by moth? Assorted ark wholesale manufacturer to tell you how to make the wardrobe from bug eat by moth: one: it is important to ensure that clothes clean again into the tank. Moths, silverfish and cockroaches insects like dark clothes corner, therefore to change garments according to receive up to clothes, to wash clean before they receive; And through the unwashed clothes in the wardrobe. If we get another food waste, food stains or smell of food is more easy to insect growth and reproduction. So be insect-resistant at first, is to keep clothes clean. 2: pay attention to ventilation, prevent moisture. Many pests like wet environment, if the wardrobe damp is likely to cause a variety of insect pests. In the same way, not in the dry clothes in the wardrobe, so as not to increase the humidity inside the wardrobe. Three: classification to receive clothing, avoid cross infection. Moth, moth can penetrate very airtight wardrobe. So, if you want to receive goods, as far as possible is to choose plastic box, plastic bags. Cotton products can be rolled up to prevent shrinkage. Four: cotton-padded clothes, quilts vacuum processing. Winter thick clothes, such as quilts, coat, etc. , many insect pests like eating protein fiber, quilts, winter clothes are desirable for their 'appetite', although note bedroom health, keep dry usually pest will block the outside of the wardrobe, but in one thousand, vacuum bag can be used as the last line of defense. Above board type furniture is to introduce the wardrobe insect-resistant eat by moth of small knowledge, hope to be of help. Keywords: 444 chest insect-resistant eat by moth, custom plate wardrobe, wardrobe production wholesale
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