Household lamps and lanterns is according to the material which can be divided into

by:James Bond Furniture     2020-07-28

on the market of domestic variety of lamps and lanterns, let a person dazzling, we'll look at home according to the material can be divided into what kind of lamps and lanterns, what they have their own characteristics.

1, crystal lamps and lanterns of style is gorgeous, mainly made of processed crystal lamp arm main materials include glass, acrylic, metal, etc. Made of glass lamp arm with long time but fragile; Made of acrylic light arm with long time is easy to change color yellow; In the metal copper lamp arm with long time, it is not easy oxidation discoloration, and use chrome plated metal easy oxidation discoloration.

2, marble lamps and lanterns of style of nobility, a Spanish import marble production. Import of marble chimney import and will be imported marble, in the domestic processing into a light two kinds, the former can give a person the natural stone of massiness, the price is higher.

3, cloth art style of lamps and lanterns, warmth, treated with flame retardant, high temperature and high heat resistance, good safety performance, divide into two kinds, imported and domestic price difference is bigger, its main value lies in the design and fabric.

4, ceramic lamps and lanterns of classical style, which is produced in pottery capital, the characteristics of high temperature, suction light absorption of heat, and USES a thin stock ceramic, lamps and lanterns is very light, lamp is wood more, with annatto furniture very collocation, is suitable for Chinese style.

5, glass lamps and lanterns is glittering and translucent get rid of, but have limitations on modelling, and fragile.

6, shell lamps and lanterns decorate good performance. In addition, there are resin lamp and other species, wrought iron lamp etc.

in conclusion, household lamps and lanterns is according to the material can be roughly divided into crystal lamp, marble lamp, cloth lamp, ceramic lamp, the glass lamp, lamp shell, you can choose according to their own needs for their own household lamps and lanterns.

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