Household into the mall is a kind of marketing promotion

by:James Bond Furniture     2021-01-01
Into the guangzhou baiyun wanda plaza, in numerous department store brands, whole house custom furniture brand is home delivery stores particularly conspicuous. You will find that there is not a place of direct selling furniture, customers can go to the exhibition hall eat snacks and drink coffee, to participate in the culinary arts salon and interactive body feeling game, etc. , intelligent household experience that occupy the home to enjoy one-stop household custom. This is nearly two years to live in a new retail sales business. Furniture group except for the construction of e-commerce platform, many household brand selection in comprehensive large shopping centers to expand sales channels, for the more the front of the customer. Lam wood, Sophia, sibutramine household brand has been around the country are stationed in wanda plaza, a new concept household life pavilion has become many top shopping center in planning forms the indispensable important component. This way of marketing has changed the traditional household sells a series of restrictions, pay more attention to consumer's shopping experience, also is the good platform for the brand promotion. Comprehensive shopping malls provide development center for clothing, food and beverage, movie theaters, and other kinds of a vast amount of goods and services and, of course, also can have a large household items. These advantages obviously is a traditional specialized sell place doesn't have. Although these customers do not necessarily all the target customer, but to be able to operate in advance through a series of display and change the past experience 'buy just by one mouth' sales model, is one of the types of marketing to upgrade traditional industry. Home products marketing is indispensable to the concept of 'home', especially with the high and new technology application in the field of household, combination of VR, 5 d, such as the cloud nc futuristic concept of smart home is more and more emphasis on the guidance and experience for consumers. This kind of new marketing requirements and store more relaxed and diverse shopping atmosphere to bring out the best in each other. So, in fact, household experience store in the mall is a kind of household consumption, output enterprise is not only the goods and services, but also a culture and philosophy, the 'home' culture is a kind of enlarge and strengthen the experience. Can imagine, when in comprehensive shopping become a trend, and will change the traditional family float subsequently competition, will be reversed transmission enterprises pay more attention to the customer experience and product innovation. Simple said, if the enterprise did not take to product wouldn't waste a comprehensive shopping mall expensive storefront rent? This is closely tied to relationship between marketing and production. Although the home products the most core is still the product itself, but the single and backward marketing is largely constrained the development of the industry. From the marketing point of view, is not successful marketing sell products, but an idea, a kind of demand, let consumer recognition not only companies of a certain product, enterprise culture and idea and recognition, become loyal fans of enterprise brand and culture; At the same time also can make the enterprise always understand the market demand dynamic, which is the enterprise the core power of upgrading products. Although in comprehensive shopping mall has become a trend, but a lot of household enterprises still say, will not therefore give up traditional stores. To store display store experience, traditional stores of entity shop and online store and shopping, the marketing channel can be laid seems to be the home of the three pillars of float subsequently more stable marketing pattern. Relevant tags: living room furniture
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