Household classic color scheme is recommended

by:James Bond Furniture     2020-09-03

no ugly color, only not harmonious color. In a house, the use of colors may also contain the health knowledge. Color is too intense stimulation, easy to make the person produces the feeling of be agitated or affect the person's mental health. Master some basic principles, will not touch 'minefield in home decoration. Small make up recommend a few different colour under the sofa, give you home of different color is tie-in.

green is healthy, vibrant colour, it can eliminate fatigue and pressure, after the people nervous work, can let the mood loosen, stable. Green is compared with the color such as white, yellow, blue commonly suitable. Apply to the lighter green is mild, the chroma of indoor decoration of pale green. When you need to rely on the home of the moist and decompression in life, you can try to adopt green in the bedroom or living room.

no matter be colorful prints, or luxuriant silk, romantic bud silk, as long as the replacement of different patterns, different styles of household cloth art, can transform a different household style, more economic and more easily than in furniture. Not only the table cloth, sofa cover, cushion for leaning on of small, tableware, toiletries, shower curtain, towels, etc. Also can choose fresh fruit or flowers and plants pattern. I believe your life will change for it.

the Chinese think red is lucky color, the meaning of red also is enthusiastic, bold and unrestrained, full of the power of combustion. But in the bedroom, red is too much can make eye burden overweight, feel dizzy. Small make up recommend red used on soft adornment, such as curtain, bed is tasted, bag and so on, and with light beige or fresh white collocation, can make people refreshed, more can highlight the festive atmosphere of the red.

small make up from several classical household out some suitable with the color scheme of sofa, follow a few color pattern can actually the home match well.

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