Hotels match wallpaper color techniques

by:James Bond Furniture     2020-11-02

we may in the process of hotel decorated for the colour collocation of the wallpaper is not very understanding, so that did not achieve very good effect of metope decorate. Many times we wallpaper in the shop all don't know when it has a certain colour collocation technique, each in a different space needs decorated with different color of wallpaper, can better display space effect. We need to use in the design of colour collocation skill, make wallpapers bring us different feeling. In the different space can use different color is tie-in, can bring us different feeling, but also can make the color of wall paper build opportunely adjust mood. When using the wallpaper decoration is also necessary for the use of wallpaper colour collocation skill, then introduce for everybody different wallpaper colour collocation in the space.

1, according to the function room to choose

yellow wallpaper can bring people sweet feeling, red wallpaper can make a person excited, green wallpaper can let a person calm, have the effect of regulating the body balance, so green wallpaper for stick in the restaurant, virescent wallpaper and induce appetite effect. Also suitable for the dining room wall paper color: orange, stimulate the nerve and the effect of the digestive system; Blue, eliminate intense sentiment, alleviate fatigue effect.

2, according to the hotel room at select

east room because the earliest bask in the sun, the sun were also the first to leave the room, so the light will be dimmed, early use light warm color wallpaper most insurance. Room facing south because the sunshine is the longest time, use cool color wallpaper can let a person feel more comfortable, the overall effect of the room is more charming. West of the room under the influence of the setting sun according to should choose cryogenic tonal wallpaper, such ability more comfortable. North room since there is no direct sunlight, so should choose warm color to move wallpaper and color to light some.

3, choose according to hotel room shape

the wallpaper color can be changed to some extent people feel in the room shape, such as cold tonal wallpaper can make lower the ceiling look higher, make the room of narrow width. In terms of the wallpaper color, overlooking the north back Yang unfavorable choose blue, violet wait for cool color to move, and should choose yellow, red, brown wait for warm color wallpaper, lest give a person the sense of cold in winter.

4, according to the hotel room use choice

the purpose of the room often determines the decoration effect. Among them, the living room wall paper color should be bright and warm; The kitchen is suitable for shallow bright color wallpaper, but attention should be paid to careful with warm color wallpaper; Corridor and the hallway is channel, therefore can bold use different color wallpaper; The style of the bedroom wallpaper can be determined by individual be fond of.

5, the sitting room wallpaper colour collocation technique

for modern living room, usually using black and white two color wallpaper collocation, although it is worth to advocate a kind of colour collocation skill, but in the choice of should pay attention to distinguish the two kinds of color of the primary and secondary. Black and white collocation of two kinds of color wallpaper in time cannot be used such as proportion, otherwise will let our mood be affected by a certain. We should pay attention to when decorating a certain proportion, the best tonal give priority to with white, with black colour as local adornment, can let a sitting room decorate effect so get a lot of ascension.

6, guest room wallpaper colour collocation technique

in the guest room in use when decorate metope wallpaper, attention should be paid to choose according to the characteristics and function of the bedroom wallpaper is tonal, so as to let us get really relaxed in the bedroom. Though purple wallpaper has a good visual effect, can we build a mysterious and quiet romantic atmosphere, but the bedroom metope shop is stuck in a large area of the wallpaper of the purple, will largely reduce the bedroom light, as a whole will become dark to let a person feel kind of depressed feeling. In addition to purple, wallpaper in the bedroom tonal also unfavorable choose red, relatively beautiful beautiful color will be easy to let our emotions is in a state of irritability. So best bedroom wallpaper is light color fastens warm color attune is given priority to, usually choose light blue and light yellow.

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