Hotel suite furniture of choose and buy skills

by:James Bond Furniture     2020-11-03

a lot of more phyletic, hotel suite furniture such as sofa, wardrobe, along with a variety of furniture and so on, we want to buy good quality and durable hotel suite furniture, is the need for certain skills and points of attention, so today we will talk about the hotel suite furniture of choose and buy skills have?

1, appearance quality, first ask furniture surface smooth, fine workmanship, adornment is exquisite, texture clear and beautiful. Hotel suite furniture often use particle board, medium density fiberboard (MDF), joinery board, laminated board, such as several as base material, use two sub-companies named seaport, wood veneer, plywood as the wrapping material. Different base material and its material properties vary with wrapping material, we do not pay attention to the characteristics of material and the correct method of use, often leads to warp of panel. Suggestions on the back panel and positive reply must be the same or similar surface material structural characteristics, general requirements for 6 ~ 10% base material moisture content, choose as far as possible the same batch of materials. In the workshop as far as possible to shorten the time of loading and the press, different material properties, different wrapping material moisture content, pay attention to the different coating thickness, press time and pressure.

2, whether to wear: rooms conventional appliance, such as telephone, ashtrays, teacup, table lamp, flower POTS, laptops, suitcase, electric hot water boiler, etc. , in daily use are likely to furniture surface friction caused by the scratch, affecting the service life of furniture of effective. Furniture plate wear resistance is an important factor decided furniture of useful life;

3, whether the environmental protection: furniture material, such as particleboard, fiberboard, glue, paint, etc. , will release harmful gases. Hotels and apartment room relatively closed, stimulate the eye nose gas will directly affect the room occupancy rate, furniture of environmental protection has become an important factor of modern hotel guests selected;

4, whether the fire prevention, high temperature resistant: wait a lighted cigarettes, matches to furniture surface damage, serious and even cause fire, furniture fire retardant performance can not be ignored;

5, design, style and design: the style of furniture and style should be in harmony to decorate a style, avoid simple decoration luxury furniture, or luxurious decoration supporting low furniture; Furniture choice, should consider the hotel and the location of the apartment, geared to the needs of customers, guest room price and investment restrictions, etc. , should be centered on the guest's preferences and consumption idea, the style of furniture design and the product to make up for the inadequacy of construction and decoration, hotel scale and characteristics;

6, whether or not waterproof and moistureproof: rooms in the hotel and apartment, often due to the intrusion of water and moisture damage to the hotel guest room furniture form. Tea moisture dumping, toilet and bath sauna steam the contact of the diffuse, bath towel, seasonal climate humidity change, etc. , can cause furniture sealing side is exposed, fall off, board face deformation expansion, facing the problem such as crack, blister, mildew, so buying furniture should consider its waterproof moisture-proof function;

7, structural strength, fixed furniture, hotel suite furniture is much for general structure type is given priority to, choose wood screw, hardware fittings and adhesive as joint way. Should be paid attention to when we use the material of different material properties, if the particle board, MDF holding nail force is poorer, avoid is used in the frequent activities or need strong force that grasp a hammer parts, if the hinge screws parts, smoke rail bottom rail screw parts, loose easily produce sound. Bed screen, picture frame on the wall, should pay special attention to hardware accessories parts or substitute wood reinforcement, the current epidemic (45 degrees of inversion structures.

8, an investment and the value of time: in order to ensure not affect guest because of furniture of aging and damage of occupancy, the choice of furniture, besides considering an investment costs should be considered at the same time a decorate furniture repeated accumulative total investment in the process of operation, should choose not to need to repeat investment also can keep the appearance of good quality, high cost performance products, at the same time to furniture company's warranty time should also be given consideration.

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