Hotel rooms to the choice of the curtain and the style

by:James Bond Furniture     2020-11-15

1, according to season choose curtain cloth. Spring winter weather is cold, can choose the cloth with warm color tone, texture, thick; Summer and the temperature is higher, can choose cool color to move, quality of a material is frivolous fabrics, in so doing, can be a subtle influence on people's psychological.

2, can choose according to the purpose of the room curtain cloth. If family suite, can choose the cloth of painted; Business room can choose the color in the middle of the cloth; The balcony choose translucent cloth; Appropriate chooses bedroom downy and tonal fabric, and so on.

3, can choose according to the guests hobby. 'Carrot and cabbage each happy love.

4, can choose according to the size of the room. General principle is that the window can choose the style of the big luxury, quality of a material is exquisite substantially vertical curtain hanging, with magnificent momentum. You can also use the curtain cover window that with wall, floor, curtain 3 cm off the ground. Small window if the room is small, windowsill best to stay in the room, the embedded window curtain, increased room space; If the window on the opposite side of the window outside the curtain size should be wide in 10 cm, length of window down 20 cm left stone.

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