Hotel rooms of furniture decorate and put principle

by:James Bond Furniture     2020-11-03

the hotel guest room furniture is decorated three principles:

1. Practical principles

so-called furniture is practical, is to be able to meet the needs of the function. Hotel guest room furniture modelling and color of beautiful must be on the premise of the function of practical. If you are not practical, so beautiful furniture also don't show again. In the case of a hotel room area is lesser, can be used as much as possible combination furniture, multi-purpose furniture furniture form of these save space. The users can be decorated in a very short time out a practical space; And the use of units, of course, also can make people use less space to meet the needs of more.

the hotel guest room furniture practical also shall be with the best quality of the furniture as a guarantee. When choosing furniture, should be in to check its quality at the same time to consider whether the style is beautiful.

2。 Rational principle

when decorate the hotel guest room furniture, bedroom of ventilation, lighting, audio-visual effect should be considered. Lofty furniture should not be in the open air, for example, highway, lest affect indoor ventilation and temperature regulation. Due to bed area is larger, if the window arrangement, and the bed will no doubt take up too much of the place with enough light, go against the usual family activities, and so on.

in addition, consider the pattern of the furniture is decorated and equilibrium problems. With the elevation layout plane arrangement of the furniture are closely related, can't separate the flatly. Considering, for example, home, and rational layout of equilibrium at the same time, must also to compare the space layout cannot be lofty furniture decorate, side by side so as not to cause strong contrast and low furniture, losing altitude on balance, and should be on the basis of satisfy the plane layout, as far as possible do furniture of conterminous, suitable size, to form a sense of rhythm of strewn at random discretion.

in the same way, when considering the elevation of furniture decorate should also give attention to two or morethings arrives furniture layout. Furniture should be balanced to decorate in indoor, if placed in the corner of a lot of furniture, and the other one horn is more open, so, even in the facade decorate the height strewn at random have send, but on the layout is not acceptable.

3。 Integrity principle

must focus on the need of bedroom whole environment, the hotel guest room furniture as an organic part of the overall environment. Any a piece of furniture is not exist in isolation, it is restricted by its surrounding environment, on which the existence again at the same time, the half production environment. Handled well, an ordinary ordinary furniture also can show out the beauty of harmony with environment, improper handling, a beautiful piece of furniture in a specific environment, will not only destroy the whole bedroom environment, also make their own.

the hotel guest room furniture is put in the four principles:

1, to avoid the air conditioning because of summer heat, air conditioning, most of the time at home are open, should let the hotel guest room furniture away from the air-conditioning outlet at this moment, in order to avoid huge temperature difference make furniture, especially wooden furniture craze damage or premature aging.

2, avoid sun summer sun is the first 'killer' of the furniture, the ultraviolet ray in the summer sun is very strong, no matter what kind of material of furniture to avoid direct sunlight, avoid sunlight there are two main methods: one is the hotel guest room furniture as far as possible put in not sunlight into place, the second is to hang a gauze curtains separated by measures such as the summer sun.

3, remove moisture condensation on the surface of the water mist, if furniture need timely treatment, can use soft dry cloth to wipe off, at the same time make a room ventilation and dehumidification. If ventilation and dehumidification effect is not obvious, also can open air conditioning dehumidification function or use some desiccant to reduce the humidity of the room.

4, to avoid be affected with damp be affected with damp in the humid summer storm weather, to prevent furniture problems because of be affected with damp be affected with damp. Furniture moistureproof keep furniture against the wall and metope 0 in the first place. 5 cm to 1 cm clearance, because of the wet summer, metope is often have get damp condition and condensation water, the gap of the furniture and wall not only set aside the ventilated space, also reduce the risk of the directly be affected with damp be affected with damp.

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