Hotel room white furniture how to maintain

by:James Bond Furniture     2020-10-27

a lot of suifurniture.com/classic-dining-table' target='_blank'>table for young people the theme of the hotel rooms are like white furniture configuration, because that kind of pure white furniture design, give a person a kind of clean, bright and clear feeling, make the whole room is full of romantic breath, and that kind of pure can make whole room adornment effect to promote the class a, at the same time, it also is a joker color, we can be any color and any style and room for fusion, can coordinate. So, white furniture of these advantages favored by a lot of hotel, then the hotel room of the white furniture should be how to maintain? Underneath, small make up one by one for you to explain:

1. White paint on the surface of the white furniture over time will produce yellow dots, with toothpaste can make it white, this time the processing method can dip in with dishcloth wiped toothpaste, be careful to use soft cloth and don't too hard and wipe after will find those yellow stains are removed.

2。 Maintenance of white vinegar, vinegar has very good decontamination effect, with white vinegar to wipe furniture, according to the proportion for debugging, and then wipe besmirch on the surface of the furniture is ok, this method is suitable for oil pollution serious white furniture maintenance.

3。 Also can put the two egg yolk beaten, with a soft brush to yellow places, smear evenly as far as possible, wait for dry after careful wipe clean with a soft cloth can see the yellow place disappeared.

4。 Tea maintenance: when stained with dust, white furniture, can wipe with a wet tea, and then with water cloth to wipe, can effectively remove adherent so the dust on the white furniture.

in addition, avoid direct sunlight for a long time to focus on use of furniture, this kind of white furniture to dry wood water loss, which affect service life; White furniture compared to other furniture color is the most easy to dirty and damage, when maintenance should pay special attention to the surface of the transparent resin be erased, daily application of dry cloth to wipe decontamination. Chemical rag smell of oil, and the medicine is too strong, such as strong detergent on white furniture is banned from use.

above white furniture maintenance, if you are ready to believe your hotel check-in repeat will greatly improve, at the same time, the service life of the hotel room of the white furniture also will be longer!

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